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Lissie Harper is a self-confessed nature enthusiast with an eye for cute design. From her countryside home studio in Oxfordshire, Lissie creates bespoke artwork, keepsakes, and accessories, ideal for gifts and wilderness lovers.

As a keen advocate in preserving nature, Lissie is inspired by the local wildlife, hidden foliage and over the years has cultivated a passion for eco-friendly design. With products ranging from animal prints, tote bags to motorbike cards, Lissie is a versatile and socially conscious artist.

From school, Lissie was intrigued to learn about the technique of Lino printing. Often spending hours scribbling her next and unique piece, Lissie is a free spirit with practical hands. Creating Lino prints from her home studio, Lissie loves seeing her sketches come to life and much like nature, wants to share this gift with her loyal client and customer base. Lissie strives to put as much care into packaging as each product is sourced from eco and sustainable materials.

But there is more to this fuzzy-friend protector than meets the eye.

As a small yet successful business, Lissie understands that success often stems from purpose. As an advocate and campaigner in Human Rights, Lissie is tenacious and driven to back those without a voice. With a personal pledge to enhance good in the world, Lissie understands that humans and nature need to co-exist as one, safely and happily.

Like her artwork, Lissie is bold but humble, and is not shy when it comes to sometimes, ‘winging it for the right cause’. Afterall, eco-entrepreneurs have to start somewhere!

When not nestled in her studio, you will likely find Lissie serving her community. And often, in more ways than one.

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